Burst 32" SurfSkate Complete (Deep Diver) - Hamboards

Burst 32" SurfSkate Complete (Deep Diver) - Hamboards

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Hamboards patented HST Trucks are designed to a natural feeling lean into turns. Do not expect them to feel like other skateboard trucks.

Hamboards trucks rotate up to 20° in both directions and lean up to 30°. This movement is much greater than most other skateboard trucks.

When you turn on HST Trucks, you feel like you are riding on an airplane wing in a banked turn. You get the sense that you are riding on the edge of your board, much like it feels to ride on a snowboard or a surfboard.

Length: 32 in

Width: 10 in

Wheelbase: 19 in

Weight: 10 lb

Wheel Diameter: 66 mm

Front Truck: 40° baseplate, 180 mm hanger

Rear Truck: 20° baseplate, 180 mm hanger


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