7'3" Ōdachi - O'reilly Surf
7'3" Ōdachi - O'reilly Surf

7'3" Ōdachi - O'reilly Surf

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Hand Shaped by John O'reilly


  • 7'3” x 20 3/4” x 2 9/16”
  • Volan Full Deck and Tail Patch
  • Sanded Gloss
  • Moon Tail
  • Double Single Fin (Recommended with 2 6.5" Bonzer or other similar fins with less rake)  
  • Slight Blemishes due to burn through (Cosmetic Only)

Deck: 8oz

Bottom: 4oz + 8oz tail patch 

Description: Ōdachi: great sword named after the Japanese samurai sword. The Odachi board was specifically designed to be a well rounded, mid length board to would handle a vast array of surf conditions from weak mushy surf to an all out hurricane swell and the design has proven itself from knee high surf to well over head high. Its distinctive design features are a moon tail with a concave V on the deck, which allows for hold in big surf and in the curl on small days, and its dual single fin setup allowing the board to have a tremendous amount of drive and hold - the playfulness of a twin fin combined with the flow of a single fin that allows for dramatic turns. Suggested fin set-up: True Ames Smith Parish Full Base 6.5".