Standard Epoxy Repair Kit - Ding All

Standard Epoxy Repair Kit - Ding All

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 2 oz. 56 ml - Epoxy Resin Standard Ding Repair Kit


Ding All’s Original repair kit born in 1985 is still the Standard for most Polyester Ding

repairs when UV is not present and fiberglass cloth is needed. This kit contains Ultra

Clear Silmar resin, used in most all poly surfboard construction, and a liquid hardener.

The kit comes complete with the following materials to allow an easy method for small

to medium surfboard repairs.Kit Includes:

* 2oz. Resin Plus Hardener - Non-Yellowing
* Fiberglass Cloth
* Sanding Pad (2 grade)
* Cup & Mixing Sticks
* Cover Sheet
* Easy Instructions