Sea & Sea Magazine Volume 2 - Ryan Campbell

Sea & Sea Magazine Volume 2 - Ryan Campbell

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Sea & Sea
Vol. 2 - Rhode Island in Color

Welcome to the second edition of the Sea & Sea photographic zine.

There is an anticipation and excitment while shooting analog film. Often, several weeks or even months will elapse from the click of the shutter to the moment the image is first reviewed. This style of photography has helped me be more present, and intentional - a way to slow down and visualize. Mycamera bag has grown, and film stock selection increased. This volume represents what I have seen and experienced over the past year or so, all on color film stocks.

All of the following images have been taken with either the Olympus OM-1, Olympus 35RC, Nikonos V, or Sea & Sea MotorMarine35 cameras using Kodak Ektar 100, Psychedelic Blues #3 and #6, expired Fuji Color 200 and Fuji Superia 400 film. All images have been expertly developed and scanned byNortheast Photographic. All images were created in New England with most images created in Rhode Island from 2020-2021.

Thank you for joining me!

Ryan Campbell