7’10” Gunner - Josh Hall
7’10” Gunner - Josh Hall

7’10” Gunner - Josh Hall

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Hand Shaped by Josh Hall


  • 7‘10” x 22” x 3 1/16”
  • Polyurethane / Polyester
  • ROCKER: Contemporary, progressive entry and relaxed through the tail.
  • RAIL: Slight down rail with hard edge in the tail
  • BOTTOM CONTOURS: Single to double barrel stopping before the back fin, or available with just flat into panel vee.
  • TYPE OF WAVES: Head high to double overhead, loves hollow reefs or punchy beach breaks


  • Good, hardly used
  • Very clean
  • Comes with Fins


Love eggs but want a pulled in template for big, hollow surf? This is the board for you. Essentially an “egg gun,” I worked on refining Gunner’s rocker to perform in large waves—flat enough to catch waves yet kicked up enough to fit into the curves of heavier surf breaks. I also hid a decent amount of foam under the chest, providing maximum paddle entry to help avoid late drops. The narrow tail, in relation to the wide point, is designed to maximize control when you really need it.