6'10" Daydream Twin Egg - Somma Special Designs
6'10" Daydream Twin Egg - Somma Special Designs

6'10" Daydream Twin Egg - Somma Special Designs

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 Shaped By Shea Somma


  • 8’0” x 22” x 2 7/8”
  • Top & Bottom Clear
  • Sanded Gloss
  • Futures Twin Fin


This twin fin egg combines many of the properties that he applied to the Daydream Hull and pastes them onto this new sled! The outline is very similar to that of the DD Hull, with the wide point slightly in front of center. However, instead of squaring out the tail, he rounded into a nice somewhat wider rounded pin. The rails are quite reminiscent of the DD Hull, pretty full and boxy, with a thinner foil at the nose and tail. The bottom contour could not be more different, though! The entry is flat until it transitions to a single concave, then a deep double concave that mellows out through the tail, where a hard tucked edge resides. Rocker is very minimal, this twin is virtually flat, with only the slightest amount of flip in the nose. Much like Shea's collaborative Daydream Hull, this board is meant to be forgiving yet rippable is all sorts of conditions, from perfect points to junky chunky beachies!

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