9'0" Log - Rhode Island Surf Co.
9'0" Log - Rhode Island Surf Co.

9'0" Log - Rhode Island Surf Co.

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Shaped By Mike Karol


  • 9'0" x 22 1/2” x 2 7/8”
  • Top and Bottom Canary Yellow Tint
  • Sanded Gloss
  • Single Fin

Our Log is a versatile take on a Traditional Longboard. A user-friendly design that translates to the broadest range of riders. Forgiving yet Responsive. A pretty flat rocker profile with a slight tail kick. This design allows you to gain the paddle power for early entry into soft waves yet creating a ball bearing like reactiveness when surfed on the tail. Single concave through the nose to flat in the upper third, to rolled belly out the tail. Soft rails allow the board to be forgiving yet a slight down rail give it some hold and versatility to handle a diversity of surf conditions. From Nose Riding, Carving or down the line speed. Line this board up with a pivot fin for nose-riding, a flex fin for a bit of snap and swooping carving or a basic dolphin tail shaped fin for an all-arounder. This board works for not only advanced riders but well suited for someone getting into surfing. 

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