5'6" Sardine Can - Secula Surfboards
5'6" Sardine Can - Secula Surfboards

5'6" Sardine Can - Secula Surfboards

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Shaped By Tim Jump


  • 5'6" x 22” x 2 5/8”
  • 3 lb Stringerless EPS Core
  • Epoxy Construction and glassed heavy to last.
  • Red Tye Dye Abstract
  • Futures Quad Set Up

Don't be fooled. This board is essential in your small wave quiver. The benefits of an easy paddler, fast off the take off and able to really engage your rails. Take all the positives of a mini Simmons, fish, and groveler and leave all the negatives out of the equation. From a longboard alternative to your most used east coast quiver killer for any soft or weak wave. With the combination of a unique 3 lb EPS blank it doesn't feel corky like all the other EPS boards you have rode before. It sits in the water how it should when you engage your rails. You'r gonna love surfing 2 ft high tide again.

Ride This Board With An Upright Performance Quad Sets

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