The Rastafarian Single Layer Black Hemp with Rasta Mid Sole - Rainbow Sandals

The Rastafarian Single Layer Black Hemp with Rasta Mid Sole - Rainbow Sandals

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Rainbow® Sandals had such an overwhelming response to the release of the Americana Signature Series that we were inspired to continue to create more options, for you.
2018’s version: The Rastafarian in Natural Hemp.

​The midsole was hand crafted and triple glued the same way the original was, but we were inspired by love and unity so we all agreed on the Rasta color Midsole, we changed up the material for the top sole and strap to the Black Natural Hemp.
The top sole and strap are a favorite of the original Rainbow Wearer… the Black Natural Fiber Hemp. The closed cell sponge rubber of the midsole will break down 10% to mold to your individual foot for maximum comfort and support.

This is Rainbow® Sandals showing our support of One People, One World, One Love, join us!

  • Black Natural Hemp Top Sole and Strap
  • Single Layer Red, Yellow & Green Midsole
  • Double Stitched
  • Nylon Toe Piece
  • Nylon Box X Toe Piece
  • Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Triple Glued
  • Non-Slip Rainbow® Bottom
  • Rasta Rainbow® Woven Label 
  • Molds to Your Individual Foot
  • Rainbow® Lifetime Guarantee


The Rastafarian is made with all natural fiber hemp on the top sole. The strap, also natural hemp is double stitched, and the nylon toe piece is secured with a Box X stitch pattern and 2,000lb parachute test nylon, all using bonded nylon thread so it won’t fray or pull out.

The single layer Red, Yellow, and Green midsole are triple glued for maximum durability to our non-slip Rainbow® bottom. We proudly finish the Rastafarian with the Rasta Rainbow® woven label on the right strap, the mark of a genuine Rainbow® Sandal.