Brian Harrington Custom Order Soundings

Brian Harrington Custom Order Soundings

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Custom Order Capstan 7'6"


  • (Stock Dimensions with Pintail) poly/poly
  • 6/6 Top 6/4 bottom  Glass w/ tail patch
  • Black Fin Box
  • Cedar Stringer
  • Clear Cut Laps
  • Gloss Polish
  • Custom Semi-Transparent Resin Panel Striping To Match Van
    • Panel Colors - Darker Gray/burgundy/black

Base Estimate:

  • $715 Mid-Length
  • $60 Minimum For Resin Panels
  • $20 Minimum For Extra Strength In Glass
  • $100 Polish Gloss

$895 Base Price Prior to Resin Pricing


Order Notes:

- Kevin is waiting on shipment of blanks which have been held up due to Covid-19 in order to give us estimated production times.

- Once production has been communicated we will need final decision on Exact SIZE and COLORWORK for the board.