An Ocean Walk | Framed Limited Edition | -  Denise Marks

An Ocean Walk | Framed Limited Edition | - Denise Marks

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Medium - Linocut print

On my weekly beach walks, I pick up ocean treasures that have washed ashore.  I am deeply fascinated and inspired by the intricate details of these objects - shells, feathers, rocks, etc.   Assembling them together into one collection tells the story of a peaceful day at the beach.

Denise Marks is a Rhode Island based artist, teacher and mother.  Her art is focused on the expression of her love and deep respect for nature and animals, through a variety of mediums including graphite, paper cut, collage and linoleum cut printing.  She attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and has shown her work at Audubon galleries,  the South County Art Association juried shows and galleries throughout New England and California.  She has been printed in Audubon Magazine, We’Moon calendar and StayVocal.

“Through my artwork I wish to bring our attention back to our natural environment, to appreciate the intense beauty that surrounds us; to rest within its simplicity and to respect the deep complexities.”

Most days you can find Denise walking local beaches with her super cute dog Cricket, doing beach cleanups, teaching children, hiking with her family or making art in her treehouse.  

You can view Denise’s work on Instagram:  @atlanticcrowstudio