9'0" Element's Longboard (USED) - NSP
9'0" Element's Longboard (USED) - NSP
9'0" Element's Longboard (USED) - NSP

9'0" Element's Longboard (USED) - NSP

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All the Protech Longboards come with two M3 sidebites and the 8″ nylon center fin, with the exception of the 10’0″ that only comes with a single 9″ fin. Riders who prefer a different setup or NSP performance fins can choose from a range of RTM upgrades listed below under “optional accessories”.

This board is recognized by the Sustainable Surf Foundation as a Level One Eco Board; “An ECOBOARD is a high-performance sustainable board. It has the same technical performance attributes as any modern water-sport board, while having reduced environmental and toxic impacts.”

Also available in Protech, E+ and P2 Soft, the Elements Longboard is a proven classic.


Rail: Full
Bottom: Single to double concave
Ideal waves: 1-6ft
Level:  Beginner – Expert

– The best in versatile longboard performance, using technically advanced construction at extremely attractive retail prices.

– Great longboard. It’s a proven classic for swooping bottom turns, high trim lines and drop knee cutbacks.

–  Upgrades on the original shape make the Elements Longboard easy to trim on the wave and dynamic when riding off the tail.


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
8'0'' 22 2 ³/⁴ 56.9 5.6
8'6'' 22 ¹/⁴ 2 ⁷/⁸ 64.4 5.92
9'0'' 22 ³/⁴ 3 73.2 6.25
9'6'' 23 3 ¹/⁸ 82 7.24
10'0'' 23 ¹/² 3 ¹/⁴ 92.3 7.5