7'4" Power Cat - Trimcraft
7'4" Power Cat - Trimcraft

7'4" Power Cat - Trimcraft

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Handshaped by John Oppito


  • 7'4” x 21” x 3 1/8”
  • Resin Abstract Water Fall & Shades Top and Bottom
  • Gloss Polish
  • Twin + 1 with Future Boxes

The Power Cat is a new Hull-ish twin fin Mid length. They’re designed to be in the 7’ - 8’ range.  A bit of belly up from with some good amount of Vee under your feet to flat out the tail. It pretty fast and sensitive with lots of projection. Think hull like feelings with more dimensionality. It’s kind of our answer to the Twin Mid length craze thats been happening as of late but very much in the realm of Ryan Lovelace’s heritage.  That said, it can be set-up as a single fin as well.



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