5'8" OG Fish - O'reilly Surf
5'8" OG Fish - O'reilly Surf

5'8" OG Fish - O'reilly Surf

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Hand Shaped by John O'reilly


  • 5'8`” x 21” x 2 1/2”
  • Custard Resin Tint Top and Bottom
  • Sanded Gloss
  • Twin Fin with Futures (Recommended with a pair of Hobie Keels by True Ames)


Description: This board was designed to meet the demands of a one board quiver. If I had only one board, this would be it.

It works in hollow beach breaks just as well as in point breaks - and everything in between.

The design is based off of a traditional fish outline with a couple subtle refinements. The wide point is pulled back to allow for more performance and for a responsive feel. The nose is slightly pulled in while the tail maintains the width to give you the speed and flow of a traditional fish. The bottom contours start with a rounded belly transitioning into a flat bottom which gives that special connectivity. A single concave is introduced to run through the fins and out the tail to give even more drive and maneuverability through turns.


Deck: 6oz + 4oz 2/3 patch

Bottom: 6oz + 4oz tail patch