24" Hand Crafted Charcuterie Board - Jeremy Webber

24" Hand Crafted Charcuterie Board - Jeremy Webber

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Hand Crafted Charcuterie / Cutting Board. Locally made in New England.


Woods Used

Sugar Maple (Native)

Box Elder (Native)

Sapele (Exotic)

Finished with Vegetarian, Food Grade Oil.


From The Artist:

 "I started woodworking as a way to keep myself occupied and somewhat productive during flat spells. It morphed from a secondary hobby to the closest thing I've got to a magic trick - something starts floating around in my head, and then eventually, I'm actually holding it and looking at it. That part still gets me. I use wood sourced from deadfalls and storm damage whenever possible, mainly from NE Connecticut. With a few small exceptions, native hardwoods are my main squeezes (you don't really need more than maple, walnut, and cherry in your life). All of my work is finished with non-toxic, food-safe, and VOC free oils. For best longevity, hand wash only (glued seams hate the dishwasher) and re-treat as often as needed with a quality cutting board oil."